Chroma Black is sci-fi fantasy action/thriller that follows a spy who seeks revenge for being caught and experimented on by an alien race.

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Knights of Terra is a long-term ongoing personal project. 

The story follows a young man who holds the key to stopping the dark lord from being resurrected. He fights alongside a group of supernatural misfits to save the world from destruction.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Concept Art

Assault 5

Assault 5 is a pitch for a comic about a team of five female robot pilots who are protecting the Earth from a full-scale alien invasion.​

Colectivo Cup Designs

Submissions for Colectivo's spring cup design released in 2020

Colectivo Cup Mock Up
Colectivo Design 1
Colectivo Design 2

Clue Character Cards, Re-imagined

The cards for the characters of the board game Clue, but re-imagined and re-designed to fit a high-fantasy medieval style and dress.

Queen of Scarlet
Noble Lady Peacock
Sir Knight of Green
Plum the Jester

2021 Seasonal Character Calendar

This is a seasonal calendar for the year 2021 featuring the seasons as characters that represent each season.

Character Seasonal Calendar Mock Up
Group Picture