Chroma Black is sci-fi fantasy action/thriller that follows a spy who seeks revenge for being caught and experimented on by an alien race.

Click to view the website for her senior thesis.

Knights of Terra is a long-term ongoing personal project. 

The story follows a young man who holds the key to stopping the dark lord from being resurrected. He fights alongside a group of supernatural misfits to save the world from destruction.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Concept Art

Assault 5

Assault 5 is a pitch for a comic about a team of five female robot pilots who are protecting the Earth from a full-scale alien invasion.​

Clue Character Cards, Re-imagined

The cards for the characters of the board game Clue, but re-imagined and re-designed to fit a high-fantasy medieval style and dress.

2021 Seasonal Character Calendar

This is a seasonal calendar for the year 2021 featuring the seasons as characters that represent the feeling of each season.

Coffee Cup Characters

Twelve unique characters based on types of coffee, designed for and printed on coffee cups.

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